Fathom #11

Publisher: Aspen Comics Aspen has just recovered from her ordeal with Killian’s weapon when a Mysterious Visitor–possibly ancient, possibly insane –drags her back into the ocean. Why? “Arrr! I’ll nab that sea monster if it’s the last thing I do!” Price: $1.99 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #184

Publisher: IDW Publishing Just as Cobra Commander begins to settle into his new COBRA base on the west coast, trouble starts brewing. Destro and Baroness, Road Pig and Zarana, Darklon, Zartan: every one of them pursuing their own agenda and getting [READ MORE]

Salt #3

Publisher: Caliber Comics All new tale picking up from where the critically acclaimed CARBON graphic novel left off.  Jacob “Heat” Hatfield leads Eden’s survivors away from the liquefied sea of the burning coal but the chaos [READ MORE]

Black Lotus Empire Issue 1

Publisher: Rising Sun Comics China is now the sole economic and military superpower in the world, and the government frequently engages in intimidation, violence, and the control of information to keep the people in line. But cracks are forming, and [READ MORE]

Our Super Mom – Issue 10

Publisher: Scottcomics Writer: Scott Bachmann Art: Scott D. M. Simmons Color: Ross hughes Cover: Stephanie & Sean Forney Interior: Full Color Liza’s been dealing with rookie heroes following in her footsteps. Gail’s been dealing with [READ MORE]

Joseph and the Mutant Killers

Publisher: Johnny Veins Comix As the Earth struggles to survive, the first genetically enhanced humans are born to help search the cosmos for new resources, but soon cloned man and the humans spawn a new species, one that is physically and mentally [READ MORE]

The Transformers: Classics #44

Publisher: IDW Publishing The historic comic book roots of The Transformers are re-presented for maximum Cybertronian enjoyment. Rejoin The Autobots and The Decepticons as their war stretches across the cosmos.  Freshly re-mastered and [READ MORE]

Witches Trine: Rebirth #2

Publisher: Movierockets Entertainment WITCHES TRINE is the centuries-spanning story of three immortal witches: Olivia, the Scholar; Eva, the Healer; and Victoria, the Warrior. Their devotion to the Dark Arts is only surpassed by their loyalty to [READ MORE]


Publisher: Nevo Digital 24 Hour Comics Day 24 Hour Comics Day is a challenge: one cartoonist tries to create a full 24 page comic, normally months of work, in 24 straight hours. Scott McCloud originally came up with the challenge for himself and [READ MORE]
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