Dead Hunt

Publisher: Chris Weston After cashing in their latest bounty, Alana and Karlyn Wildstar head to the next town looking for more work. They cut through a forest engulfed in a heavy fog. No animals, no bugs, just a solitary owl who tracks their progress. The sisters find an abandoned castle lost to the woods. Three meals stand in the mess hall, one too hot, one too cold, and something not right as three undead bears attack. Alana and Karlyn narrowly escape with the help of the legendary huntress, Goldie de Locke. The three band together, engaging in a hunt of life or death, and using every trick in their arsenal to survive the night. Note: This digital edition includes PDF, ePub, and Mobi (Kindlle) versions of the book. Price: $1.00 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

Starless Sky

Publisher: Ulisses Spiele The Dark Eye Short Story Anthology When stars fall from the sky, the peoples of Aventuria see visions of impending doom. The signs are clear to everyone, from simple farmers to clergy and even crowned heads of state. [READ MORE]

It's In the Water

Publisher: Nomadic Delirium Press Richard hated being a corporate drone, but what else was there to be in Corprotopia? After losing his girlfriend to the government, Richard struggled with just surviving, but when he learns a deep secret, a secret [READ MORE]

Chen Chillwind – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoChen is a child of two cultures. His Tien father crossed the roof of the world before meeting and settling down with his mother, an Ulfen innkeeper. He inherited his his father’s wanderlust and curiousity along with his [READ MORE]

Chen Chillwind – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoAt the start ([c] or end) of your turn, you may exchange a card in your hand for an ally that has the Animal trait in your discard pile. [d] For your combat check, you may display an ally that has the Animal trait to use your [READ MORE]

Heavensent – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoThe lead singer of the band Runelords is handsome but impressively dim. His pious and goodly mother prayed so hard for a child that a celestial visited her and granted her wish. Heavensent was an innately kind and friendly child but [READ MORE]

Heavensent – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoOnce per check, you may recharge a card to add 1d4 ([c] +1) ([c] +2) to a check attempted by another character at your location. [d] At the start of your turn, you may exchange 1 card in your hand with 1 card of the same type in your [READ MORE]
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