Beck & Caul #3

Publisher: Caliber Comics The evil of the Underside sets up house in our world. A case of missing children brings Beck and Caul face-to-face with a centuries old terror. The clues lead to a house of horror and its terrifying residents. The battle rages within as they race against time to save the innocents in “Scream of the Butterfly”. OVERVIEW There is a place where evil resides. It is the place where mankind’s nightmares live…and breed. It is the Underside. From this realm of shadow was born Jonas Beck of the Werewolf Pack. Five centuries ago he forsook his dark nature and has since roamed our world protecting the prey of the Underside…us. From New Orleans comes a young woman of unique strength and spirit. Mercedes “Caul” Guillane was gifted with psychic abilities and from childhood has sought to help those in need. When their paths meld, the two embark on an adventure of witches and warlocks, goblins and ghosts, vampires and viperen, plus all the creatures from the darkest realms. From the blackness of the human heart to the ancient creatures that roam the Underside and beyond, Beck and Caul stand against evil in all its guises. Price: $2.99 [...] [READ MORE]

Eric Lofgren Presents: Spacefighter

Publisher: Misfit Studios Eric Lofgren Presents: Spacefighter This stock art image by Eric Lofgren depicts a spacefighter out flying high and spoiling for a fight. Who does the spacefighter belong to and what is its mission? Presented at [READ MORE]

Hyperspace Messenger 02 – Robots

Publisher: DwD Studios Within these pages are eleven detailed robot “creatures.” Each represents a model of robot your characters might come into contact with during their adventures. From security robots to war bots and just about [READ MORE]

Keltia Avalon

Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd. Avalon, the isle of wonders, is slipping gradually into the mists, taking away with it forever the magic of the Old Ones. Will the People of the Wind and the old gods intervene, or will they leave their [READ MORE]

Divinity #4

Publisher: Valiant Comics This is it! The mind-bending, reality-altering reveal of what happened to turn a long-lost Russian cosmonaut into the godlike being known as DIVINITY! But there are some things even gods can’t do – a lesson that [READ MORE]

Future Proof #5

Publisher: Bliss on Tap To celebrate Science Fiction Month, this title has been marked down by 15% through all of May! For more values, visit our Science Fiction Month sale page. Ever wonder how the Federal Reserve Bank was created, the [READ MORE]

Fuddlegrass – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoBefore you act, you may succeed at a Wisdom or Perception 9 check to evade the Fuddlegrass. If undefeated, the Fuddlegrass deals no damage. Instead, recharge your hand and shuffle your deck; then move to a random other location and [READ MORE]

Summon Storm – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoFor your combat check, discard this card to roll your Arcade or Divine die +4d4 with the Electricity and/or Cold traits. If you do not have either the Arcane or Divine skill, banish this card instead. If you choose to take 1 cold or [READ MORE]
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