D20 Generator: Horror Set Dressings

Publisher: Fat Goblin Games D20 Generator: Horror Set Dressings D20 Generators are simple lists that GMs of any game can use to quickly get the results they need. Each D20 Generator covers a different topic, whether it’s a random name generator, a weather genera- tor, or, motivations for NPCs. A quick roll of a d20 will get you the results you need. Terrible things go bump in the night. When you send your player’s to investigate them, you’ll need to fill the scene with appropriately creepy objects. This D20 Generator is here to help fill that need.   This is a five-page document that includes a D20 Generator (both decorative and print friendly) – Roll 2d20, the first is the adjective, the second is the noun.  Price: $0.50 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

Weird Creaures Vol. #1

Publisher: Gethsemane Games A selection of four strange and unusual creatures for your professional or private products. Drawn by Jenni Saveall. You can use any of the images from the resource in your commercial or non-profit projects, however you [READ MORE]

Heroic Nicknames

Publisher: Phil Nicholls Erik the Red, Little John, Alexander the Great. History, Mythology and Fantasy are full of characters with nicknames. Heroic Nicknames is a collection of tables to help any fantasy GM add a variety of colourful nicknames to [READ MORE]

Super Powered Legends: Maverick

Publisher: Rogue Genius Games Can’t Touch This! August was born in the Meta city-state of New Avalon. Her powers rip the stamina and memories from anyone whom she touched. As she could also steal powers with this ability, few other Meta [READ MORE]

Toxic Bag Podcast Episode 410

Publisher: Toxic Bag Productions, Inc. Toxic Bag Podcast, Episode 409 Find out what’s new with the lads from Toxic Bag. This month: Steve talks about The Walking Dead with Dianna Driscoll, co-host of the “Aim For The Head” podcast. [READ MORE]
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