Publisher: DramaScape Drawbridge DramaScape Fantasy Volume 60 This Product is a 40 x 40 inch, full color battlemap of a Drawbridge . The Product comes with the Square, Hex and No Overlay versions and the Virtual Tabletop Maps (VTT). “Raise the drawbridge, the enemy is coming to attack the keep!” —Sergeant at Arms  Drawbridge is an exterior map of a plains field, moat with a lowered drawbridge spanning the center, a fortified wall with four circular towers, and an inner keep. An extra map page has the drawbridge in the raised position.  Drawbridge is intended for use in fantasy or medieval historical settings.  Adventure idea for this map:  Night of the Undead Siege: The fortress of Stonewall Keep was built by humans. The elves did not appreciate the fortress so close to their borders and took over the fortress in what they called The Battle of Stonefall, renaming the fortress Ivywall Keep after growing ivy along the walls of the stone fortress.  A human wizard’s son had died in the battle. By calling it the battle of Stonefall, he felt the elves mocked his son’s sacrifice to defend the fortress. He hated the elves for their arrogance and for killing his son. [...] [READ MORE]

Waterloo Style Buildings

Publisher: libkneht Waterloo Style Buildings This paper model set (High Quality PDF file) of the Waterloo style buildings. The set included PDF-file: A4 (16 sheets) and Letter (16 sheets). Multi layer PDF-file – 3 walls textures; – 3 [READ MORE]

Just a Game – Playtest Packet

Publisher: Thrythlind Books and Games This is a playtest packet. This packet is primarily aimed at individuals who already possess and play one of three game systems: Fate, GUMSHOE or Powered by the Apocalypse (aka Apocalyspe World). If you are not [READ MORE]

Mountain Terrors: Devouring Shadow

Publisher: Green Ronin Legends say that there is something both horrible and hungry that lives in the mountain peaks. Those who have seen it and escaped suggest that its body remains unseen, although its shadow suggests a carrion bird of great size [READ MORE]

The Throbbit

Publisher: Richardson Productions Produced by the award-winning filmmakers who brought you The Dork of the Rings, and co-produced by legendary actor Kiran Shah (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, TheChronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the [READ MORE]
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