Read or I Punch your Face

Publisher: Meth Lab Press This is a compilation of poetry, prose, and short stories from 2008-2017 by Newamba Flamingo, of Miami Beach, Florida. It was inspired by Ouija boards, aliens, and prescription meds. Featuring previously published: “Getting Naked at Work and Reciting Shakespeare” (2008) “Punch you in the face” (2008) “Shooting Midgets from a Catapult and Watching our Teacher Tap Dance Nude” (2009); collaborations with Frankie Metro, “KKK Cannibal Dentist” (2011) and Yossarian Hunter, “Freedom of Enterprise in the Waste Management Industry” (2009), plus many writings that have made the rounds online and several unreleased poems and stories, photography and artwork, as well as the new pieces “Going to Singapore” (2015) “Bald Head Fred” (2016) and “African Safari” (2017). 7 or 8 years too late, Newamba decided to put this compilation together because he ran out of prescription drugs, didn’t have anything better to do, and couldn’t contact his psychiatrist (possibly due to restraining order). He also felt there are people who need to be harassed, amused, and disappointed by online writing. Most of the contents of this book have been rejected by literary magazine and poetry editors, even when offered sexual favors, while others have been previously published in [...] [READ MORE]

The Perception of Prejudice

Publisher: Alasdair Shaw Ace fighter pilot Anastasia Seivers is offered a secret assignment: to join a squadron taking the fight to Concorde’s true enemies. But this squadron isn’t part of the regular Concorde military, it is attached to [READ MORE]

The Cursed Lands

Publisher: Annulus Publishing Note from the author: This book is on sale until Monday, January 23rd. Long ago, the Dragon Gods founded the land of Yores. They drove out the monsters which lived within it and gave the land to their followers, who [READ MORE]

Nightmare Knight – Custom Card

Publisher: Brotherwise GamesNight Blade: this is a blade in the position of all warriors of destruction chosen by the lord of darkness, the sword allows the warrior that holds it can vanquish on hero with evil in his heart (flip coin) A community [READ MORE]

Demon Mage – Custom Card

Publisher: Brotherwise GamesThis room is double the damage of you highest two added together. If you kill a hero in here you are aloud to build one extra room to your dungeon (stickleback only twice after wards draw one spell card) A community [READ MORE]

Panzerfäuste Futbowel

Publisher: Hysterical Games Panzerfäuste Futbowel is a beer and pretzels sports game set in the world of Panzerfäuste. On Hognachtswatch Day along the Môn- Gerahnt front, unofficial truces sprung up between the Orcs and Dwarves [READ MORE]

Dietrech – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoDietrech served in the army of Red Herald as a young man. Surrounded by death and by men with disregard for human life, Dietrech decided to leave the army and join the Holy Crusaders of Savras. He took an Oath of Devotion that values [READ MORE]

Dietrech – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoDivine Justice – When facing a non-villain monster you may discard a card to add 1 ([c] 2) to your check to defeat it. The attack gains the Divine and Magic trait. If the monster has the Undead trait add 2 instead. If [READ MORE]
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