The ALGERNON Files Deluxe Edition: Animech

Publisher: Wordmonkey Studios Do you dare stand before the unbridled fury unleashed by a Cybersamurai of the Digital Daimyo and wandering champion of the people against the Iron Kaiju of the Sinister Silicon Shogun? Or, the delusional metahuman psi who thinks that’s what she is, anyway? Animech is the name given this powerful (and deranged) meta, a young woman that generates a mech around her, right out of an anime up to and including the sound effects. Just because those giant metal fists are really a psionic construction doesn’t mean they don’t pack the same punch as, well, real giant metal fists… Animech is a PL 11 threat to add to your Mutants & Masterminds campaign. The ALGERNON Files Deluxe Edition is a treasure trove of enemies, allies, locations, and items of power to add to any ongoing M&M game. The series updates the fan-favorite ALGERNON Files material to the 3rd edition of the game and expands it, adding many new and exciting characters to meet and places to go. The series is presented as files being transferred (and commented on) from the databases of the AI known as ALGERNON (who supports The Sentinels’ superteam) to the possession of The [...] [READ MORE]

Scourge – AoV Solo (M&M3e)

Publisher: Xion Studios WELCOME TO Acts of Villainy: Solos is a semi-weekly spotlight on villains created by Sketchpad Studios. Every release will focus on a new, creepy, wicked, vile, murderous villain for enjoyment in your new or existing [READ MORE]

The Grand Conspiracy

Publisher: Brent P. Newhall’s Musaeum What if every crazy conspiracy theory is true? The Grand Conspiracy is a tabletop role-playing game of ordinary humans discovering the truth about aliens, government cover-ups, and anal probes. The system [READ MORE]

Adventure Shorts, Volume 2 (5e)

Publisher: R&D Adventures What if while planning a route to their next objective your player characters discover another route that they’re told will save them a day’s travel time? Would they take it? They might have a pleasant walk [READ MORE]

#Nemesis Pack 1 – Slavers!

Publisher: Edge of the World Productions LLC Ready to run Encounters for busy GMs! A Troll Warpriest and her Scalding Minotaur bodyguard hire on a famous Dwarven Slaver and his band of thugs to capture and enslave our noble adventurers. An [READ MORE]

Mountain Terrors: Stonehorn

Publisher: Green Ronin Leaping from impossible perch to seemingly sheer cliff is the stonehorn, a mighty beast that is to goats what dire wolves are to normal wolves. These four-horned, pony-sized animals reach the highest of peaks and consume the [READ MORE]

Mountain Terrors: Snow Eel

Publisher: Green Ronin Quiet alpine snow fields may occasionally be disturbed by strange protrusions in sinuous lines, as though something had passed beneath the snow without breaking the surface. The wise know this to be a sign of dangerous snow [READ MORE]
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