Borderland: Into the Borderland

Publisher: Mongoose This adventure is set in the Borderland sector of the Trojan Reach. The players are contracted to deliver a cargo of technical equipment to a remote settlement on Iilgan, where they discover a team of Border Guard personnel working with the locals to improve conditions. It becomes apparent that there are several such teams on the world. Whether the characters think this is a god idea or not, they are soon drawn into a chaotic local situation, in which the Guard team represents not only the sole force for law and order in the area but ultimately the only hope in the face of a natural and man-made disaster. The early stages of the adventure see the characters travelling overland to deliver their cargo and interacting with the Border Guard personnel in the town of Onsler Rapids as they carry out the second part of their contract – teaching the locals and their allies how to operate the equipment. The nature of life in the outback of Iilgan is gradually revealed. The characters then become involved in a series of crises that beset Onsler Rapids, beginning with a search for missing personnel and rapidly expanding as severe weather [...] [READ MORE]

Bloodshot Reborn #1

Publisher: Valiant Comics From New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (THE VALIANT, Green Arrow) and red-hot rising star Mico Suayan (HARBINGER, Moon Knight), VALIANT NEXT delivers an all-new ongoing series for Valiant’s most [READ MORE]

Executive Assistant Iris Annual #1

Publisher: Aspen Comics Aspen’s first Executive Assistant Annual ever is jam packed with three brand new stories featuring the most popular Executive Assistants! The EA that started it all, Iris, returns for a thrilling new adventure that [READ MORE]

Kyra – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoReveal this card when you play Blessing of Sarenrae to recharge it instead of discarding it. Recharge this card to add 1d4 and the Magic trait to your combat check, or 2d4 if the bane has the Undead trait. Bury this card to shuffle [READ MORE]

Valeros – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoReveal this card to use the Melee skill instead of Dexterity when you play a weapon with the Ranged trait. Bury this card to reduce combat damage dealt to another character at your location to 0. Discard this card to explore your [READ MORE]

Wu Shen – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoReveal this card during your combat check that has the Finesse trait to gain the skill Melee: Dexterity+2. Recharge this card to add 1d6 to your combat check,or 2d6 if the bane has the Human trait. Then roll 1d12. On a 6 , banish [READ MORE]

SciFi Bridge

Publisher: DramaScape  SciFi Bridge DramaScape SciFi Volume 34 This product is a full-color, 24 inch by 40 inch, floor plan of a SciFi Bridge, with Hex, Square and No overlay. The PDF includes includes the VTT (Virtual Table [READ MORE]
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