Fantasy Towns and Cities III

Publisher: Art of War Games This PDF gives you another 100 different realistic short descriptions of fantasy Towns, Cities and Hamlets you might run into. Includes Burg’s Name, Description and Style of Government.  Price: $0.50 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

Realms of Rothaen 5E Setting Preview

Publisher: Plate Mail Games This is a preveiw of the of Realms of Rothaen, A 5E setting from Plate Mail Games. It is not the final version. Rothaen is a planned upcoming Kickstarter project. If enough people like it, I’ll launch the [READ MORE]

The Genius Guide to More Bard Talents

Publisher: Rogue Genius Games The concept of bard talents (and why they are a good idea) is first presented in The Genius Guide to the Talented Bard, along with a large number of talents allowing for a wide range of possible witch character [READ MORE]

Mesa Castle Outpost

Publisher: Ironspine “Mesa Castle” outpost is a fort build over a flat-topped mountain. It has two levels above ground level and one flight-deck level below ground with an opening on the side of the cliff allowing drones or other flying [READ MORE]

Super Powered Legends: Princess Sthenia

Publisher: Rogue Genius Games You Know NOTHING of My Power An Inphinite, born on a Dynasty Citadel, and sent to Earth as an infant, Princess Sthenia (PL 13) was raised as a child of the gods. She led her people to many victories, but was confronted [READ MORE]

The King is Dead: VARGR

Publisher: Four-in-Hand Games In an 18th century that never was, revolution rocks the nation of Malleus! Secret societies of rebels strike to unseat the vampire aristocracy with pen and sword, inciting long-dormant dreams of freedom in their fellow [READ MORE]
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