Guidebook of the Curio(u)s

Publisher: Loke von Post A midnight Halloween trip to a haunted house thrusts a runaway succubus into the life of drifter and museum curator Liz. The pair get along well (succubi usually do), but eternal damnation is hard to flee… Price: $5.29 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

The Fifth Di… December 2015

Publisher: Nomadic Delirium Press The Fifth Di…, one of the longest running on-line zines continues on with four new stories. This month we feature fantasy and science fiction stories from Kate Runnels, James Van Pelt, Matthew Spence, and [READ MORE]

On A Darkling Plain

Publisher: White Wolf Grief-stricken over the mysterious death of his beloved wife, the vampire known as Elliott Sinclair is sinking into lethargy and despair. When a mysterious enemy assails his people, he rouses himself to command the defense, [READ MORE]

Daefu – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoBefore you act, succeed and Arcane or Divine 8 check or you may not play spells with the Attack trait. When you are dealt damage by Daefu, you must choose weapons to discard as your damage first if you have any. If defeated, you may [READ MORE]

Cacodaemon – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoThe Cacodaemon is immune to the Acid and Poison traits. If the check to defeat has Cold, Electricity or Fire traits, subtract 1 from each die rolled. All damage is poison damage. If defeated, you may immediately attempt to close the [READ MORE]

Chanukrah – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoOnly characters at your location may play cards or use powers during your encounter. Before you act, succeed a Charisma or Constitution 8 check or take 1 damage. Chanukrah is immune to the Mental trait and cannot be evaded. If [READ MORE]

Ashmintallu – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoAshmintallu is immune to the Electricity, Fire and Poison traits. Succeed an Arcane or Dvine 10 check or you may not play spealls with the Attack trait. If undefeated, take no damage. Bury an Ally from your hand or bury your entire [READ MORE]

Mochtau – Custom Card

Publisher: Paizo Damage from Mochtau cannot be reduced.If you have the Dwarf trait, the difficulty to defeat is increased by 2. If undefeated all other characters at you location take 1 damage. A community created card built with the DriveThruCards [READ MORE]
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