Heroic Maps – Day & Night: The Vampire Nest

Publisher: Heroic Maps The Vampire Nest “They said we’d be safe.. They said an offering would be enough… They said they wouldn’t be hungry…”   The Vampire Nest is a printable battemap compatible with any RPG game. It can be used as a standalone gameboard, or combined with any same-scale tileset. The Vampire Nest is a day & night set, comprising 2 battlemaps. The map consists of a two caves reached by a narrow mountain path. The first cave is a dead-end, but features a sinister bloodstained altar. The second cave, reached only by braving a narrow ledge, consists of two areas. The first area is strewn with bones and dried blood, hinting at the danger of the cave. The inner cave is the nest of six vampires, their stone coffins lying untouched.  The Vampire Nest is ideal for countless adventures. If you’re planning a Halloween or Horror story, with Vamprires, murder and horror, the map is ideal. Perhaps a group of villagers have braved the climb into the hills to put an end to the Vampire menance once and for all, or perhaps a group of acolytes have gathered to offer a blood sacrifice to the undying of the [...] [READ MORE]

Ghost Car

Publisher: Reviresco tin-soldier.com The Legend of the Ghost Car  Dimly glowing headlights cutting through the foggy night on a twisting mountain road, an antique limousine rushing toward you at break neck speed, you pull your truck as far off [READ MORE]

Sexy Girls Clipart Volume 2

Publisher: Art Fantasies A collection of fifteen cute, flirty and sexy pinup 3d girls with transparent background (Tif,Psd) Use them to create your own graphics and designs. CONTAINS: 15 Fantasy Women ImagesIMAGE SIZE: 500×700 pixel [READ MORE]

Grand Fleets: King & Kaiser

Publisher: Majestic Twelve Games ”The British Navy saved the world.” King & Kaiser™ is the first scenario book for the third edition of Grand Fleets. Within these pages, you will find everything you need to fight out the [READ MORE]

Fairy Wings Clipart

Publisher: Art Fantasies Create your own scenes with a collection of invisible background images. (Tiff & PSD) Mix the images with our other collections for more designs. CONTAINS: 20+ Fairy Wings, components or fae scene images. IMAGE [READ MORE]
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