Player handout 02

Publisher: Imaginary maps After three days camping outside even the smallest village can feel like a blessing to mankind. It was midday when I finally arrived and it had been pouring down for days. So I hurried down to the central square where I [READ MORE]

Quantum and Woody Must Die! #3

Publisher: Valiant Comics We fought a zoo! The deadly conspiracy at Quantum and Woody’s throats tightens its lethal grip! Everyone that surrounds the brothers Henderson is dead-set on ending them…just when everything was coming up [READ MORE]

Soulfire Sourcebook #1

Publisher: Aspen Comics Your journey into the SOULFIRE Universe begins here! Aspen’s best-selling Soulfire series has celebrated over 10 years of exciting adventures, and now fans and new readers alike can explore even more of Michael [READ MORE]

Psi-punk Archetypes: Brenner

Publisher: Accessible Games Fighting with Fire “I am a brenner, a mental with the power to control fire. By using pyrokinesis I can warm a cold room, light a candle, or singe the hair off your head from a hundred yards away. If you’ve [READ MORE]

Solar Astronomy Outreach Deck

Publisher: BrightStar Astronomy This deck is primarily designed with solar astronomy in mind. In the past, while participating in sidewalk astronomy events, I noticed that some of the participants enjoyed receiving an “information card” [READ MORE]

Umreissen – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoAT+8 bei deren Gelingen kein Schaden, sondern der Gegner aus dem Gleichgewicht gebracht wird. Dieser kann gezielt Ausweichen, mit PA+8 oder mit Beinarbeit parieren. Bei Misslingen steht dem Gegner eine um die TP erschwerte GE-Probe [READ MORE]

Binden – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoErschwerte Parade um 4, außer dein Gegner hat eine höhere Ansage gemacht. Dann gilt diese. Zusätzlich kannst du deine Parade erschweren. Gelingt die PA, so erleidet dein Gegner die freiwillige Ansage als Erschwernis [READ MORE]
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