Blast Pistol Expansion 3

Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games The third expansion pack for Blast Pistol adds the following new features: Background information on the Fourth Sector War between corporations, rebel miners and Unity forces. Optional rules for immobilizing vehicles, making lighter weapons more valuable. New Urban Warfare mission type. Two new Battlefield Conditions to try out: Bystanders and Incoming! Five new units, focusing on the Fourth Sector Wars: Anarchic Grid Gangers, giving you a fast, light assault unit.  The sinister Corporate Security Squads with their smart guns and marksmen. The enthusiastic Revolutionary Front made up of rebellious miners. Cyborg Assassins for when your corporate hostile takeover needs a little more flair and finally the cheap Gun Truck, for your futuristic “technical” needs.  Blast Pistol expansions are intended to be bite-sized: A collection of new gaming bits for the price of a candy bar. Price: $0.99 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

Slagtown Sewers

Publisher: Finger and Toe Models Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the 28mm card stock Slagtown Sewers.  Explore three dimensional sewers, fight amidst the stench.  Wipe the slime off your boots and press on.  Using fold [READ MORE]

Interface Zero 2.0: Fate Edition

Publisher: Gun Metal Games Full Metal Cyberpunk action, now for the Fate game system! You’re hanging from the summit of a mile-high skyscraper, your cybernetic claws holding you in place while gunfire shatters the windows around you and a [READ MORE]

Mutant: Genlab Alpha core book

Publisher: Modiphius During the great apocalypse, humanity fled to the depths of the underground enclaves. In genetic laboratories, researchers tried to breed a new being, splicing human and animal DNA, creating a beast  intelligent yet strong [READ MORE]

Core Dungeon Tile Set

Publisher: Custom Terrain A full modular set of print and play tiles including rooms and hallways for an almost unlimited array of dungeon layouts. The layout pictured above is just one example layout. Quickly and easily lay down tiles to for a [READ MORE]

Extra Halls and Rooms Pack

Publisher: Custom Terrain The tiles can be used in conjunction with the other tiles I offer, or you can use them standalone for a small dungeon setting or sidequest. An expansion adding additional hallway sections and room sections that [READ MORE]

Dungeon Detailed Rooms Expansion 1

Publisher: Custom Terrain A complete set of intricately detailed tiles offering you a wealth of inspiration and creativity to fuel your adventure. This is the first expansion set containing 9 tiles:Extravagant bedroomLatrinesBathing roomArmoury [READ MORE]

Sl&vl #1

Publisher: D-oom Products SL&VL on suomalaisen Google Plus -yhteisön, Siniset Luolat & Valkeat Lohikäärmeet julkaisema OSR (wanhan koulukunnan renessanssi/säännöt) zine. Ensimmäinen numero [READ MORE]
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