Naval warfare Age of Missiles + Supplement 1 [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Geoff Curran This is a bundle contains the titles below, in the formats listed by each.  Naval Warfare : Age of Missiles Naval Warfare : Age of Missiles. A game of modern naval warfare. The set includes all you need to play including an illustrated rulebook, Counter sheets of ships, missiles, aircraft, Helicopters, and record counters and data cards. In addition there is a Spreadsheet to aid the design of your own ships. The game can be played with models or using the counters provided. The rules cover : Detection, missile, gunnery, torpedoes, and defensive fire, Electronic warfare, helicopters, and airstrikes using a simple d6 system, with symbols for each weapon system. A single A4 full colour starter sheet of counters provides all that you need to get you started.  Other counter sheets provide a range of NATO and Soviet vessels from the 1980s-90s, and all of the rec…  Naval Warfare Age of Missiles: S1: USA and Pact Naval Warfare :  Age of Missiles :  Supplement 1 : USA and Pact Forces This supplement adds a broad range of ships for both USA and Pact forces including : Carriers, Ships of varying electronic warfare qualities (for balance) patrol craft,  [...] [READ MORE]

Bladestorm Quick-Start Rules

Publisher: Metal Express The Quick-Start Rules in this free introductory booklet contain everything you need to get started with your first Bladestorm Tabletop game. Find out how easy it is to turn any miniature into a hero or a nightmare. The rule [READ MORE]
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