Black Dog of the Plague

This is a story of a long forgotten siege. The enemy wanted to seize the fortress, but the courage of the defenders was a complete surprise. More and more troops arrived, but with every wave of attackers, the defenders got more desperate and tough.

The defenders were brave and ready to fight, starve and die – if it could only save the stronghold. And when the enemies were near to give up, an unexpected ally came to their camp. An old witch who had been banished from the castle. She made an offer: she could bring a plague on the fortress but the commander would pay her as much gold as a young calf weights.

They made a deal. She asked for a dead cow, then – in some mysterious way – contaminated it. Then she cut the meat into pieces and ordered to throw them over the walls.

They did what she wanted. But the commander didn’t wish to pay for help. His soldiers caught the witch and burned her alive. The woman cursed the commander with her dying breath. Her spirit ran away from the body and took over a crow sitting on the walls.

Two days later the defenders were terrified by a fast spreading disease. They quarrelled whether they should abandon the castle. They even wanted to negotiate, but the enemy commander said it was to late. “You were too proud to put down your weapons. Now you shall die in torment.”

The next day the witch-crow flew to the castle. He took a piece of the plagued meat and brought it back outside walls. The commander had a beloved dog, a really big black beast. The dog found a meat and… took it to the commander’s tent.

Before the commander understood what happened, his soldiers hed become sick and started to die in horrific pains.

Years passed by. Some say they saw a big black dog around the castle again…

SYSTEM: any fantasy or horror


AUTHOR: Glodny

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