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Meriquai Falls – The Hands of Domination

Publisher: DWR Game Studio WELCOME TO THE CITY OF SPIRITS! Welcome to Meriquai Falls, where Native American culture blends seemlessly with modern contemporary society to form one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. It is also home to one of the largest concentrations of metahuman activity in the Midwest. Between the schemes of Galvakar and his Imperions and the genocidal plots of the Manitou and his Totems of Retribution, the crazed antics of the Pooka King and the dark secrets of the Night Sparrow, there is plenty to do for an intrepid hero in Meriquai Falls. Save the city and perhaps, in so doing, save the world! MEET THE HANDS OF DOMINATION! The world of Meriquai Falls is full of surprises. So many villains and heroes in a modest Midwest city with little to offer compared to its coastal sisters is surprising enough. But when the world’s most beloved teen adventurer hero from nearby Kansas City flips heel and forms a villainous mercenary company with her former archnemesis, everyone is in shock! Meriquai Falls – The Hands of Domination includes six full HERO System 6th Edition character sheets and biographies for Kaity Powers, aka the Scarlet Saber, and her company of [...] [READ MORE]

Light OSR Rags

Publisher: Ordoalea In the barren and ash filled worlds of tomorow passed await new post-apocalyptic options. Turn your Light OSR game from fantasy to a post-apocalyptic game. Or kitbash and pick the rules you find interesting to create a dark [READ MORE]

Strange Brew: Magic Items

Publisher: Misfit Studios Authors: Timothy S. Brannan, Rich Howard, Robert H. Hudson, JrArtists: Jacob Blackmon, Carlos Torreblanca of Purple of Duck Games, Rick Hershey of Empty Room Studios Magic items like the classic witch’s broom or a [READ MORE]

NC7 – Giant Foothold

Publisher: Adventures in Filbar The bustling metropolis of Saydown is the largest city in the Denali land and home to the current ruler King Pellet. As your party reaches the watery entrance a huge iron statue guards the docks. Upon closer [READ MORE]

Legendary Villains: Evil Druids (5E)

Publisher: Legendary Games When the Woods are Wild and Wicked, Beware! Druids have long been an afterthought in RPGs, relegated to the sidelines of adventure as harmless hermits or tree-hugging environmentalists. NO LONGER! Though little noticed, [READ MORE]

DunJon Poster JPG #137 (Steam Vixen)

Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon From the pages of DunJon eZine we humbly offer up this cosplay style image as a poster-sized jpg for those who would like to display it on their character sheets, walls, desktop, or as part of a self-made screen [READ MORE]

Adepts of the Inward Eye

Publisher: Total Party Kill Games Within the whispered pages of the Adepts of the Inward Eye tome lies a number secrets for those willing to risk the journey of the mind.  This tome grants its readers a glimpse inward, into their inner selves [READ MORE]

Five Fast Fables: Volume 2

Publisher: Dancing Lights Press Universal Story Ideas from the Aesopica Any setting, any system, any genre! This booklet contains five fables, along with notes on how you can use them a plot hooks and adventure seeds for your own roleplaying game [READ MORE]

Super Powered Legends: Eclipse

Publisher: Rogue Genius Games Obedient for Now Eclipse (PL 10) works for Typhon in his quest to seek out the artifacts of the Ancient Thirteen and the location of the Astral Forge. However, Eclipse is also biding her time. Should she succeed in [READ MORE]
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