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Earl Geier Presents: Floating Watcher

Publisher: Misfit Studios This stock art piece from Earl Geier depicts a Floating Watcher, a disembodied eye (nerves and all) that floats about, keeping an eye on things. Are these some form of biological construct — a watchdog of sorts? An alien race? All that is left of an ancient civilization that has otherwise transcended use of their bodies? A single entity or god? The image is 6 x 8″ in dimension. This purchase includes a JPG and a TIFF version at 300 dpi, along with an EPS vector version. All art files are bundled in a ZIP file. Earl Geier Stock Art License Summary All stock art is licensed for use in professional publications. Misfit Studios (or, in some cases, the third-party artist) retain ownership of the work, meaning you cannot resell the art in your own art packs or the like, and may be required to post an artist credit. You must include the artist’s copyright statement in all publications using the art under certain terms and conditions. You obtain a license to use the art, but do not own any rights to it beyond that. Price: $5.99 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

The Bleak Harvest (PF/5E)

Publisher: Total Party Kill Games The Bleak Harvest, a horror adventure by Total Party Kill Games The patients of Willowbrook Sanitarium are in grave danger… With each new day, another patient at the Willowbrook Sanitarium falls victim to [READ MORE]

Clones in Space

Publisher: Mongoose Space – the final frontier. These are the voyages of some unenterprising Troubleshooters. Their mission: to seek out new life, new civilizations… and terminate them… to boldly go where no clone has any business [READ MORE]

Gruel Truck!

Publisher: Monkeyfun Studios, LLC It is the dawning of the Third Age. An age of great heroes. A time when adventurers from distant lands come together to seek amazing quests for fame, fortune, and glory. And those guys die. Most of them anyway. Only [READ MORE]

Bedlam Hall

Publisher: Monkeyfun Studios, LLC Bedlam Hall is the new macabre role-playing game from Monkeyfun Studios. Powered by the Apocalypse, players take the terrible role of servants for the Blackwood family who are quite… different. [READ MORE]

Skyrim supplement for 5e

Publisher: John Wick Presents The Elder Scrolls universe is an amazing source of adventure ideas and inspiration. When Skyrim came out in 2011, it was no different; it captured the imagination and hearts of many players, including me. I am sure many [READ MORE]
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