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Starship 3D Printable OpenLOCK Deck Plans – Gargantuan Drive

Publisher: 2nd Dynasty Create your own gargantuan drive which could represent a gravity drive, power plant, or FTL drive for your Sci-Fi rpg or tabletop wargame! Comes in 2×2 square inch base and 4×4 square inch base varaints. The model is designed to be printed in parts and assembled using OpenLOCK clips (available from for free). The parts snap together for glueless assembly. Compatible with the OpenLOCK system created by and available at Printable Scenery. These tiles are the commercially available version of the kickstarter  Please note that these are STL files only! You will need a 3D printer or print service in order to print the parts. Parts are designed in 28-30mm scale (1″ squares), but can be rescaled easily in your 3D printing package. This package includes: 2×2 tile version in 3 parts 4×4 tile version in 6 parts Price: $14.99 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

The Boneyard

Publisher: Ulisses Spiele The Boneyard was simply an unknown airplane graveyard prior to the invasion. Since the arrival of the Blasted Land, the Boneyard has accumulated debris from all over, including even more planes—some of which did not [READ MORE]
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