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The Old House

Publisher: Twisted Finger Press A horror scenario of young children battling the darkness in 1970s Iowa.  When school lets out into the long hot summer of 1975, the children of Ocean Shore, Iowa, notice a strange new house has appeared in the corn fields. The house seems to watch them and strangely anyone above the age of 16 can’t seem to see it. Will they explore the house and stop the evil inside? Or will they go insane trying? Can be run with the inbuilt rules or any other percentile based horror system. Price: $2.50 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

Dreamchaser: Otherworldly

Publisher: Imagining Games Wonder what lurks in the night?      Question what haunts the living?           Want suspenseful games of Dreamchaser that are dark and full of terrors?  Welcome to the [READ MORE]

Cartes de Tons Lugubre/Jovial

Publisher: Gulix Donnez un coup de main à vos joueurs pour incarner leurs Aventuriers grâce à ces Cartes de Tons Lugubre & Jovial Dans deux couleurs distinctes, ces deux cartes vont vous fournir une liste de mots-clés [READ MORE]

Glum/Jovial Tone Cards

Publisher: Gulix Help your players in roleplaying their Rogues with these Glum & Jovial Tone Cards Set in two distinct colors, those two cards will provide you key words and visual aid to identify the Overtone that is ruling your game of Swords [READ MORE]

Village Map: Oasis Village

Publisher: Raging Swan Press Designing an adventure and need a village map, at a reasonable price with a very flexible license agreement? Need cartography with that hand-drawn, Old School feel? Then Raging Swan’s Village Maps are for you! [READ MORE]
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