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E.I. #11 – Earth Invasion

Publisher: Wunderman Comics Pamela Greenberg and Pepe Macias continue to be held prisoner by a plunder gang as more of Pamela’s history is revealed.  Meanwhile, with technological assistance from Grzzt, the rest of the team prepares and launches an assault to rescue their imprisoned comrades! Price: $0.99 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

Fathom Blue #2

Publisher: Aspen Comics A dangerous new foe has risen! Admiral Maylander’s assembled team of misfits encounter an enemy that is beyond their combined abilities—and they learn the hard way that their dissension amongst themselves could [READ MORE]

TALL TAILS:The Peacekeepers #1

Publisher: Dream Weaver Press Disowned but not disloyal, Alexandria Castlehawk Metterson is the captain of the guard in a city abandoned to attacking forces – a city she once ruled as a Duke’s heir. Now under the iron fist of the [READ MORE]

Chronicles of Hate (Preview)

Publisher: Top Cow In a world where the sun is frozen and the moon burns, an unlikely hero rises to free the Earth Mother from her chains. His path lies in shadows, his enemies’ legion. This is a FREE preview of the epic Chronicles of Hate [READ MORE]

The Shepherd #3

Publisher: Caliber Comics A father’s despair over the loss of his son will put in motion a most unusual chain of events to save his son’s soul. After Professor Lawrence Miller’s teenage son Val’s tragic death from a drug [READ MORE]

Heroic Spotlight #22

Publisher: Heroic Publishing It’s off to the far Pacific for comics’ greatest father-and-son superhero team, as the trail of the Merchants of Menace leads Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt into a confrontation with Krakatoa, Beast of Java! [READ MORE]

Psyche the Occult Detective #02

Publisher: Heroic Publishing Back in her own magazine at last! Heroic Publishing’s scarlet-tressed occult detective returns in a new series of color adventures. In this issue, enjoy the classic second chapter of “Dark Passion,” by [READ MORE]

Champions #63

Publisher: Heroic Publishing It’s the battle you knew had to happen! At last, in this brand-new adventure by Dennis Mallonee, Henry Martinez, and Terry Pallot, SPARKPLUG and ICICLE face off to decide once and for all which of them is going to [READ MORE]
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