THe reckoning

Publisher: 53rd Street Publishing The end of the world is real. These five exciting tales explore the aspects and challenges humanity will face when the world explodes and survival seems doubtful. Tales of high stakes, deadly encounters, the Earth devastated by aliens, natural disasters far beyond our control, and self inflicted wounds humanity may never recover from. These two experienced science fiction authors detail what the future might hold for us as a race of intelligent beings and how we might escape certain extermination. Will we live or will we die? Dive into these cautionary speculative stories and discover what might be.  Note from publisher: When you purchase the trade paperback edition of this title at Amazon the ebook edition is free. Offer only good at Amazon.  Price: $4.99 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

Reginald – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoWhen you fail a combat check against a Monster (but not a Henchman or Villian), you may Reveal this card and roll a d6. On a 1, 2, or 3, take the damage as normal. On a 4 or 5, Reduce all damage dealt to you to 0. On a 6, Banish the [READ MORE]

Hayden Belmont – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoReveal this card to add 1d8+1 in a check against a Bane with the Arcane or Magic trait. Discard this card to add an additional 1d8. Recharge this card to draw two Spells at random from the box. Add one to your hand and Banish the [READ MORE]

Pierre Laurant – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoFor your combat check, you may Reveal this card to add 2d6+1 to your result. You may Discard this card to add an additional 1d6. You may Reveal this card to add 1d8+1 to check against a Barrier with the Trap trait. You may Discard [READ MORE]

Amulet Of Desna – Custom Card

Publisher: Paizo Discard this card to play a spell with the Divine trait from your draw deck. You may automatically recharge the played spell. If you do not have the Divine skill, banish this card instead. A community created card built with the [READ MORE]

Vargun – Custom Card

Publisher: Paizo Reveal this card to shuffle the Ally Augustille from you discard pile into your deck. Discard this card to search your deck for the ally Augustille and put it into your hand. Recharge this card to explore your location; you may add [READ MORE]

Augustille – Custom Card

Publisher: Paizo Recharge this card to add 1d10 to your non-combat Intelligence or Knowledge check. Discard this card to reveal the top 3 cards of any deck and put them back in the same order. Discard this card to look at the top 3 cards of any [READ MORE]
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