Beware of orcs in Swing Wizards game

Wizard of Oz is everybody’s favourite fantasy film musical. Do you like magical myth and legend? Swing Wizards is one of the most addicting games. The cute anime wizards and fairies are learning to fly back to their kingdom. Tap..Fly..Easy? Ultimately, it tests your reflexes against time and movement. Tap to change your flying direction. Beware of the lurking red orc and green orc. Watch out for the iron ball swinging by the orcs! Don’t hit the obstacles; this is the play rule in this fun game. Collect points, gain the best score in global ranking and challenge the players. The thrilling adventure of wizards and fairies will keep you playing until the very end! [READ MORE]

5 Weirdest Foreign Video Games

If you think you’ve seen some strange games you may be wrong, prepare to see what are perhaps five of the weirdest games to ever be created. 1: Muscle March Starting off strong is Muscle March for the Wii; this strange title was released by Namco [READ MORE]

2,5 minute horror

This short clip is a really inspiring Soooo simple, sooo intense, soooo World of Darkness etc… Lights Out – Who’s There Film Challenge (2013) from David F. Sandberg on [READ MORE]

Maps, Mystery, and A Promise

When you first see the map in a fantasy RPG session, don’t you feel the call of adventure immediately? Precisely drawn on yellowed paper soaked in tea or burned at the edges, a map can bring the charm of the old days… hinting at the heroes who [READ MORE]

Last Man Standing

This is a short adventure for Feng Shui RPG  by David Eber. Following post is only a hook. If You find this story interesting, please follow the link at the end to read full story at Fortress of Shadow. The Jade Blossom teahouse rested deep within [READ MORE]

You Are Under Arrest!

How many times have you, as a player or GM, had characters face the long arm of the law? Usually this isn’t a happy meeting, since most characters have (at one time or another) broken the law at some point. Yes, you might say “My group’s [READ MORE]

Out of the Chimney

Many years ago, in the same place where the new castle is standing now, there was an old fortress. The ruler of the fortress was a dirty, lustful baron. He was a mean guy. There was no single girl in the castle and nearby villages whom [READ MORE]
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