Kris Farleigh – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoOn any check to acquire a boon you may instead roll 1d6 ([c] or 1d4), on a 1 succeed the check. ([c] on any failed non-combat check, not including powers, you may roll 1d12 on a 1 succeed the check) [d] On your first exploration at a [READ MORE]

M. Perriwinkle – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoWhen using a spell roll 1d4, on a 1 [c]2 [c]3 you may play the spell normally, otherwise banish the spell and draw a random spell from the box ([c] you may redraw the spell once). Play that spell instead. [d] When being dealt damage [READ MORE]

Animate Weapon – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoFor your combat check, discard this card to either play a weapon from your hand, or search your deck for a weapon to play if you do not have one in your hand, then reshuffle your deck. You may then play another weapon, spell, or item [READ MORE]

Rakshasa – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoYou must succeed at an Arcane or Divine 18 check, or you may not play spells with the Attack trait. The Rakshasa is immune to Attacks with the Piercing Trait; subtract 2 from each die rolled in your Melee or Ranged combat check to [READ MORE]

Salamander – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoThe Salamander is immune to the Fire trait, add 1d8 to checks with the Cold trait to defeat the Salamander. If the check to defeat does not have the Magic trait, the Salamander is undefeated. Unless your check to defeat has the [READ MORE]

Book Of The Dead – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoRecharge this card to add 2 dice to a check to defeat any bane with the Undead trait. Discard this card to evade any bane with the Undead trait and put the bane on the bottom of the location deck. Bury this card to defeat any [READ MORE]
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