7te See Landkarte: Théah extended

Publisher: Pegasus Press 7te See ist ein Rollenspiel voller Verwegenheit und Intrigen, voller Abenteuer und Entdeckungen. Sein Schauplatz ist der Kontinent Théah, ein Land der Magie und Mysterien, nachempfunden dem Europa des 17. [READ MORE]

Sorcha's Revenge

Publisher: Wight Orchid Press Captured and forced to join the harem of the rebel warlord Odacon Karmensis, Sorcha Kavnor has endured harem training and an overwhleming sexual awakening. Now free, she has travelled north on her way home, falling in [READ MORE]

Black Poodle Over Seven Hills

Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing Soubrette knew the language of love- as long as it was aimed at a pitch-black teacup poodle. But baby talk didn’t get her very far when she handed the puppy over to the new owner. One hint of “does [READ MORE]

The Queen's Heart (Growing Strong, #2)

Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing At the tender age of seventeen, Mary Beth discovered the family she thought would see her through anything couldn’t accept her one mistake. Thank goodness for her best friends that stepped up to support her [READ MORE]
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