Beggar's Cloak – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoDisplay this card to evade a monster other than a villain. Display this card to move to a location with the Rebel trait. Display this card to play an ally with the Rebel trait from your discard pile. At the end of the turn if this card is displayed, recharge it. A community created card built with the DriveThruCards card creator. www.drivethrucards.com/builder/pathfinderPrice: $0.35 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

Abrogalian Corset – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoDisplay this card; whilst displayed, reduce damage dealt to you by 2 and add 1 to any combat check at your location. You may may recharge this card to reduce all damage dealt to you to 0 then discard the top card of your draw deck. [READ MORE]

Majyk – Custom Card

Publisher: Paizo When a character at your location encounters a bane, display this card to summon an item from that box and stack on this card; add its adventure deck number to all checks against the encountered bane. At the end of the encounter, [READ MORE]

Westcrown Aristocrat – Custom Card

Publisher: Paizo Recharge this card to examine the top 3 cards of your draw deck or location deck and put them back in any order. Discard this card to explore your location, if you encounter a boon, shuffle it into your deck instead. A community [READ MORE]

The Morrowfall – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoBefore the start of a scenario, display this card next to the scenario and add a token for each character. You may take a token from this card and place on your character to add 1d6 to your check defeat a card with the Undead trait [READ MORE]
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