The Saga of Me – Soul Busines

Publisher: Joel Puga Heaven, Purgatory and Hell, the three realms of the afterlife. Agents from each side try to manipulate Man, making it do things it wouldn’t normally do, to influence its final destination. All to get more souls and gain an advantage in the Eternal War.I can’t accept it. It isn’t fair for the place of eternal rest (or torment) of a person to be determined by what a third party led it to do. And I fight to prevent it.An old local legend makes me suspect that the angels of Viana do Castelo are not splitting the souls of the newly dead as mandated by law. This is the story of my attempt to discover and stop them. This is one of the short stories included in the anthology “The Saga of Me – Divine Justice” by the same author. You can find it in all major eBook retailers. Price: $0.00 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

The Last

Publisher: Joel Puga Terrorized by the thought of death, a man lets himself be contaminated by vampirism to prolong his life indefinitely. However, when Hell and Heaven’s legions face each other in the ultimate battle, he becomes the last [READ MORE]

Assorted Fantasies

Publisher: Joel Puga This collection includes all of Joel Puga’s previously published historical and contemporary fantasy short stories. Bizarre creatures, evil spirits, fantastic ruins and spooky graveyards are just some of the things you [READ MORE]

Galaxy Dog

Publisher: Starbright Galaxy Dog is an epic space opera. What starts as an ordinary invasion of an alien planet, brings to light an ancient archeological site of huge importance. A young man called Knave makes a life-changing discovery there and [READ MORE]


Publisher: Challis Tower Beyond the boundaries of civilized space lies the region of the Muto Empire. Mutos are a mammalian race that resemble a cross between a human and a Terran rat. Though spread across thousands of worlds, mutos—or rhats, [READ MORE]

Eli's Coming – A Short Story

Publisher: T. M. Bilderback “You must hide your heart. Eli’s coming,” said the mysterious vendor to Gretchen Cantrell. Gretchen dismisses this warning, and, later, she is murdered. Gretchen’s friends, Stu Phillips and Cindy [READ MORE]

The Day of the Dragon

Publisher: Altro Evo Going back to the port to reach the rest of his crew seems simple, but Gillean Conroy, merchant sailor on the fastest ship of the South Seas, has two major problems: an amnesia, deep as a bottomless pit, and the aftermath of a [READ MORE]

Sleeping Monster – Custom Card

Publisher: Brotherwise GamesA sleeping monster is blocking the path. No heroes may leave town or enter a dungeon this turn. A community created card built with the DriveThruCards card creator. www.drivethrucards.com/builder/bossmonsterPrice: $0.50 [READ MORE]

Hide And Spook

Publisher: Deslisle Publications Paranormal investigator Carlie Barnes is no stranger to ghosts and spirits. She finds it’s the living that cause the most trouble. Like the guy in the condo upstairs, who’d rather walk on glass than admit [READ MORE]
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