DunJon Poster JPG #135 (Hammer Of Harlequin )

Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon From the pages of DunJon eZine we humbly offer up this cosplay style image as a poster-sized jpg for those who would like to display it on their character sheets, walls, desktop, or as part of a self-made screen saver. (Collect Them All!) FYI: This image is primarily being offered for those who like it well enough to hang it on their wall. The buyer of this JPG is licensed to create prints for personal use with it. (Such prints may be gifted to a friend, but not resold in any format.) This image is large enough to create a High Definition gallery quality 24×18/18×24 inch print at 250DPI -HD quality.) The cost for doing so is generally around $20 at your local copying center.  Thus for under $25 total you can create your own a gallery quality print that usually sells for twice as much at most generic online galleries and 5-10 times as much in walk-in fine art galleries, conventions and/or famous artist websites.    Here is your chance to “legally” own rare quality fantasy art at an affordable price. The perfect gift for the gamer who everything else.   Price: $0.95 Powered by [...] [READ MORE]

Sigma Outpost

Publisher: Ironspine The Sigma Outpost is a small patrol and geological survey outpost on colony EC-554. The outpost houses crew of nine comprising of security personnel and company prospectors searching for amatium deposits. The outpost is well [READ MORE]

Ultimate Cartomancy

Publisher: Interjection Games The Flavor We are born, and we die. Between these two events, fate is surprisingly malleable. Sadly, these endpoints are what draw the most attention. Thousands of spellcasters seek to “cheat death” or [READ MORE]

The Escalated Fighter

Publisher: DASTOW Games Compatible with the 13th Age Roleplaying Game. Fight for your people, your friends, or yourself! With The Escalated Fighter, you get access to new talents, backgrounds, and one unique things, plus new exotic weapon [READ MORE]

Streets of Zobeck for 5th Edition

Publisher: Kobold Press A Collection of Dark and Daring Adventures for 5th Edition What happens when adventurers become the owners of a brothel? When a roguish associate asks them to attend an oligarch’s masquerade in his place? What lurks in [READ MORE]

Satanic Panic: Playtest Documents

Publisher: Third Act Publishing People whisper in hushed tones about a corruption taking hold in the world. A secret wildfire spreading from basement to basement called tabletop. Some say it is evil, some say it is turning their kids into monsters, [READ MORE]
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