Helpful Set of Free RPG Adventure Ideas for Your Campaign

One of the characters is chosen by his religious order for the Quest of the Stone. The rest of the group is encouraged to accompany him on the treacherous route through goblin-infested forest to the site of the original temple where the stone came from. If he can bring it to the temple and return with it safely, it will bring great blessings upon his people – but by tradition, he must make the pilgrimage unarmed, while wearing pilgrim’s robes and sandals. The rest of the characters are free to bring their weapons.… (It’s a speed stone – a 15-pound rock that permanently raises SPE +1 if it’s successfully carried 100 miles without putting it down, +2 if it’s carried 300 miles, and +3 if it’s carried 500 miles. The stone must be carried or touched at all times, including while the stone-bearer sleeps.)


After someone sells one of the characters a potion that permanently raises speed by 1-3 points, but also permanently gives whoever drinks it a cheetah’s head without mentioning its…distinct side effect, the cheetah-headed character finds himself worshipped as a demi-god in the desert kingdom they’re passing through. He’s feasted and serenaded like a returning hero. Eventually, the characters discover that he’s being seen as a reincarnation of one of their national heroes, sent to rid them of the curse that’s set upon them. It’s not at all clear what the curse is, but it is clear that the character was set up by whoever sold him the potion, for reasons that aren’t yet clear. And after the group witnesses some of the bloody festivities in the city, it’s also clear that the price of failing to lift the curse will be very high.


A character gets a deal on small lead statue of a dire wolf (it raises coordination +3 while carried, but also causes the person carrying it to grow fangs like a wolf. After it’s been carried for a year, both the higher coordination and the fangs will be permanent.) from a down-on-his-luck mage. The item is exactly as advertised, and the fangs don’t seem so bad, at first – until a local villager accuses him of being a werewolf. The group barely escapes from the village with their lives, but they find the story is spreading from village to village. Soon the entire countryside is up in arms against them. And the full moon is coming.…


After returning to her mentor following years on the road, one of the characters is given the gift of two greyhound puppies. “Take care of them, and your way will be blessed forever,” she is told. The puppies seem sweet enough, energetic and very devoted, but how will she ever keep them safe on the deadly roads and byways of the Seven Kingdoms? (They are coordination hounds: a pair of greyhounds that raise the COO of their master +1 each (+2 total). If either of the hounds dies violently or by neglect, there’s a 50% chance the master will permanently lose a point of COO. Otherwise, the bonus lasts until the hounds die of old age. There’s a 5% chance that any puppies bred from coordination hounds will inherit the magic, but no one can gain more than +3, regardless of the number of hounds in the pack.)


One of the characters buys a leather headband with a large topaz at its center (so it’s centered on the wearer’s forehead) that adds +2 eyesight while worn, only to find that it makes her incredibly attractive to the local population. Apparently, women with headbands are really hot. This will work best if a) the woman in question is a thief or has other reasons to remain inconspicuous and b) the headband gives her a bonus that she really needs, so it’s very difficult not to wear it.


 “Have you ever actually eaten jellied moose snout?”

“Well, no. But it’s magical. And the wizard said it will raise your eyesight for a year.”

You eye the jar doubtfully.

“You only have to eat a quarter of it.”

“That’s still a lot of moose.”

“It won’t be so bad.”

You sigh. “How much did you pay for this again?” (jellied moose snout that raises the eyesight of whoever eats it by 1-3 for a year. There are 4 servings in the jar.)


A character is given a wand in trade for a debt. The problem is that the person making the trade thinks it has 3 charges remaining, but isn’t really sure. But what’s the worst that can happen? (The wand permanently raises the eyesight of the first 3 people that it strikes (hard, not just a tap) by +1. It can’t be recharged after it’s exhausted, and if it strikes another person it will explode with the force of a firefry.)


Adventure seeds above were written by an author of The Wildside Gaming System.

The Wildside Gaming System ( was first published as a book in 2004, by Wildside Press, LLC in Rockville, Maryland. An oldstyle gaming system with a focus on worldbuilding, it was followed by a number of tie-in books including The Wildside Book of Loot, Crusade of Kings, and Koboldly Where Gnome has Gone Before.

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