Hunters in the Dark

Modern warfare horror adventure idea

Somewhere in North Africa. Present Day. The players are soldiers or combatants in a modern day civil war. It does not matter which side of conflict they support. Their mission is to intercept enemy reconnaissance.


A medium-sized village on the front line. There is an old, destroyed (probably by bombs) school in the village.


  1. A large unit of enemy troops has it camp near the village (around 10 times bigger than players party).
  2. There is a cease-fire in effect, and the players have to be very discreet.
  3. The villagers are tired of the war. They don’t support either side, but they may cause problems for the players if encountered.


On the way to the village, the players find a mutilated human body. After a short investigation they are pretty sure, that the victim was killed by some large predator. Big, strong and hungry.

The players arrive at the village during the night, probably looking for shelter in the ruined school. They are unaware of the enemies’ patrol routes.

During the night they hear strange screams from the enemy encampment. Tortures? Execution?

On the next day a boy from the village visits the school. If the players catch him, he tells the legend of an old beast wandering the area. It’s said that every several dozen years the beast strikes, it kills people and animals for some time, then disappears without a trace.

What’s next?

  • The players may try to hunt the beast.
  • They may try to get in contact with their enemies to cooperate
  • They may also ignore the ”beast story”, and try to accomplish their mission.
  • There is only one issue: in the total darkness of the night, who is sneaking towards the players: enemy scouts or the mysterious predator?
This article was first published at Stargazer’s World
This adventure was made with modern warfare adventure generator – Rebels Unleashed by Library of Ancient Scroll
SYSTEM: any modern (but suits for Call of Cthulhu, steampunk, horror or near future like cyberpunk)
AUTHOR: Glodny