Lost in the Marshland

This castle witnessed a grim history of wars and battles. One of those events became a seed of a scary legend of the boy from the marshlands.

So, there was a war. Enemies surrounded the castle of one nobleman. He was a brave warrior, but didn’t have enough soldiers to defend the fortress for too long.

The only hope for the besieged people was to call for help from the neighboring castle of the prince. But the only way to the prince which wasn’t guarded by enemy soldiers was through gloomy and dangerous marshlands. The nobleman decided that he would send his only son, a 14-year-old boy. Why? We do not know. Maybe he needed all other people to defend the walls?

He gave his son his ruby ring. “Show it to the prince so he will know that you are telling the truth and you are my messenger” he told the boy. “Run as fast as you can, my son.”

The brave young boy never arrived in the prince’s castle. Nobody knows what happened in the treacherous marshland. But the fortress prevailed. Some say that enemies got terrified by strange voices and lights coming out of the marshlands. A few days later soldiers left the battlefield.

There was a great joy among the defenders. And only the nobleman was mourning: he didn’t know what had happened to his heir. Every night, until he died, the father had stood in front of the main gate with a torch. He hoped that the light would help his boy to find the way back home.

The old man’s fixation became a tradition. Even now, in front of the gate, there is always a burning torch. But the people have forgotten why… Most of them believe that this is a symbol of victory, a symbol of lights which scared the enemy centuries ago.

There are also rumors that some people – mostly lost travellers – have met a strange, horrific entity on the borders of the marshland. Some claim that they saw a ruby ring on its finger.

In the castle, there is also an old insane woman who says that the torch should not be burning. Because the long-time-ago-lost boy will return one day. And the townsfolk will not be happy when they see who comes with him from the marshes.

SYSTEM: any fantasy or horror


AUTHOR: Glodny

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