Cthulhu Tales 2017 [BUNDLE]

Publisher: OneBookShelf, Inc. This special bundle product contains the following titles. Courting the King in Yellow (The Parted Veil Series: Book One)Regular price: $0.99Bundle price: $0.35Format: Multiple File Formats When Melotte Pharmaceutical moved into the struggling city of Springfield, residents saw it as a godsend. But while the city’s fortunes appear to be turning around, something sinister is brewing within its homeless population. Four newfound friends stumble onto a horrific plan for the city, and their lives will never be the same again. Because on Halloween night, a new horror will be coming to Springfield, and they are the only ones who can stop it. The digital edition includes PDF, Kindle (.mobi), and .epub versions of the book…. Frontier CthulhuRegular price: $7.95Bundle price: $1.96Format: Watermarked PDF “It is only within the last few years that most people have stopped thinking of the West as a new land. I suppose the idea gained ground because our own especial civilisation happens to be new there; but nowadays explorers are digging beneath the surface and bringing up whole chapters of life that rose and fell among these plains and mountains before recorded history began.” —H.P. Lovecraft, “The Mound” Ancient Horrors in the New World As explorers conquered the frontiers [...] [READ MORE]

Ghost Tales 2017 [BUNDLE]

Publisher: OneBookShelf, Inc. This special bundle product contains the following titles. Dark FaithRegular price: $4.99Bundle price: $1.45Format: Multiple File Formats The destructiveness of passion, both earthly and supernatural, [READ MORE]

Zombie Tales 2017 [BUNDLE]

Publisher: OneBookShelf, Inc. This special bundle product contains the following titles. Appalachian UndeadRegular price: $4.99Bundle price: $1.61Format: Multiple File Formats Almost Heaven…or is it? The mountain’s [READ MORE]

A Trivia Book on Lions

Publisher: Play by Action Gaming The male lion guards his cubs while the lioness and her group hunt for food. It might take the entire day before she and her group find anything. Until then, the cubs are vulnerable, as spotted hyenas and other [READ MORE]

Her Humble Admirer

Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing Livia Hightower is more than a little intrigued when the morning mail brings a most unexpected delivery. Dearest Livia, The call of the nightingale is but a sorrowful, plaintive psalmNext to the sterling hue of my [READ MORE]

Bring Your Fiction to Life

Publisher: F+W Media Crafting Three-Dimensional Stories with Depth and Complexity Craft a Story That Towers Above the Rest You know it when you read it: In page after page and scene after scene, a truly engrossing novel has qualities that set it [READ MORE]

The Somme Campaign 1916

Publisher: Vexillia The Somme Campaign is a two player game of generalship at army level during World War I. Players take on the role of the famous field commanders Haig and von Falkenhayn & Ludendorff. The game begins on day two of the major [READ MORE]

Blood on the Blade

Publisher: STUDIUM CMLXV Blood on the Blade is a micro set of rules for solitaire or co-op skirmish game, set on a fantasy background, but can also be used for non-fantasy games (planned expansions will cover Middle-Ages and Dark Ages, possibly [READ MORE]
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