Five Fast Fables: Volume 2

Publisher: Dancing Lights Press Universal Story Ideas from the Aesopica Any setting, any system, any genre! This booklet contains five fables, along with notes on how you can use them a plot hooks and adventure seeds for your own roleplaying game adventures or works of original fiction. Remix, recycle, and re-imagine them with careful consideration or reckless abandon. The fables in this volume are: The Father and His Sons The Boy Hunting Locusts The Rooster and the Jewel The Kingdom and the Lion The Wolf and the Crane Price: $1.01 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

Super Powered Legends: Eclipse

Publisher: Rogue Genius Games Obedient for Now Eclipse (PL 10) works for Typhon in his quest to seek out the artifacts of the Ancient Thirteen and the location of the Astral Forge. However, Eclipse is also biding her time. Should she succeed in [READ MORE]

Sigma Outpost

Publisher: Ironspine The Sigma Outpost is a small patrol and geological survey outpost on colony EC-554. The outpost houses crew of nine comprising of security personnel and company prospectors searching for amatium deposits. The outpost is well [READ MORE]

Ultimate Cartomancy

Publisher: Interjection Games The Flavor We are born, and we die. Between these two events, fate is surprisingly malleable. Sadly, these endpoints are what draw the most attention. Thousands of spellcasters seek to “cheat death” or [READ MORE]

The Escalated Fighter

Publisher: DASTOW Games Compatible with the 13th Age Roleplaying Game. Fight for your people, your friends, or yourself! With The Escalated Fighter, you get access to new talents, backgrounds, and one unique things, plus new exotic weapon [READ MORE]

Streets of Zobeck for 5th Edition

Publisher: Kobold Press A Collection of Dark and Daring Adventures for 5th Edition What happens when adventurers become the owners of a brothel? When a roguish associate asks them to attend an oligarch’s masquerade in his place? What lurks in [READ MORE]

Satanic Panic: Playtest Documents

Publisher: Third Act Publishing People whisper in hushed tones about a corruption taking hold in the world. A secret wildfire spreading from basement to basement called tabletop. Some say it is evil, some say it is turning their kids into monsters, [READ MORE]
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