GURPS Steampunk 1: Settings and Style

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games GURPS has never run with such mechanical precision! GURPS Steampunk 1: Settings and Style explores the inner workings of steampunk games. Get advice for running various models of steampunk campaigns, from a Kipling-inspired “scientific romance” to steampunk anime-style. Find out how to add steampunk technology to your game, with support for styles such as clockpunk, raygun Gothic, and mad biology. Learn about the social and cultural aspects of steampunk, too. Etiquette and status systems, for example, will help players experience the steampunk sensibility. Price: $9.99 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

Strong Island

Publisher: Density Media Gangs battle in urban landscapes, in the alleys, on the dance floors, and racing through the city streets. Strong Island empowers characters who put everything on the line, characters for whom the gang is all that they have. [READ MORE]

A Year on Iago Prime [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Pegasus Pulp Publishing This special bundle product contains the following titles. Iago Prime is humanity’s first interstellar colony, inhabited by a crew of brilliant scientists and fearless pioneers.   However, even so many [READ MORE]

Christmas on Iago Prime

Publisher: Pegasus Pulp Publishing Eight-year-old Libby has come with her parents to spend a year at the newly established colony on the planet Iago Prime. Libby’s parents believe that this is a great opportunity for all of them, but Libby is [READ MORE]

Captain Crossbones

Publisher: Wildside Press When George Rounsivel’s pirate band captured the niece of the Governor of the Bahamas, that young American buccaneer was in a jam. For he already shared his cabin with a jealous pirate wench who would slip a dagger [READ MORE]
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