Cultures of Celmae: Elves

Publisher: Wayward Rogues Publishing    The mysterious, reclusive elves are one of Celmae’s youngest and strangest races. From their appearance following the Shattering, to their dominance of the forests of the West, the elves have emerged to become one of the world’s most powerful cultures. Learn their secrets and their glorious destinies! Included ·•             The history of the elves-including the controversial account of the gnome bard, Brezzleman ·•             Two elf settlements ·•             A complete stat block of Mortalbane, Celmae’s most feared undead enemy! ·•             The Forest Warden Hybrid Class-a ranger/sorcerer who’s animal companion gains the powers of a wizard’s familiar! And much more! Written by Robert Gresham, John c. Rock, and Michael Whitney Price: $2.99 Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

Heroic Maps – Pyrringham Village

Publisher: Heroic Maps Pyrringham Village Starting life as a small farmstead by the side of the road, the village of Pyrringham is little more than a hamlet. Those that call it home though would say it was just the right size. With a small village [READ MORE]

Templar Base Class

Publisher: ARMR Studios Unleash the templar upon your foes (or upon your players). The templar is a keeper of ancient and occult lore, a knight trained in the arcane arts, able to chastise his foes to deal devastating wounds on them. As they develop [READ MORE]

Two of the Same Kind

Publisher: TNae Wilcox Two kids from different social statuses find out at the end of the day they aren’t that different. This short story contains content that may upset some. If you are offended by sexual abuse themes concerning children [READ MORE]

He's You

Publisher: TNae Wilcox Stanley survives a coma, only to come home and find a little boy standing in his living room. This is no ordinary boy; He’s the same height. Has the same hair color. And the same face! As much as Mom and Dad would like [READ MORE]

The Gift

Publisher: TNae Wilcox Their marriage has disintegrated over a miscommunication, and the wife is willing to sacrifice anything for the restoration of her face. Even if it involves dark magic and a little illegal activity. Price: $0.99 Powered by [READ MORE]

Who R U Really?

Publisher: F+W Media Thea’s overprotective parents are about to drive her nuts. They invade her privacy, ask too many questions, and restrict her online time so much that Thea feels she can’t do any of the things her friends do. She [READ MORE]

Skeletal Raider – Custom Card

Publisher: PaizoSkeletal Raider may not be evaded. If undefeated reveal the top card of this location’s location deck, and if it is a boon banish it. If defeated, you may immediately attempt to close the location this henchman came from.A [READ MORE]
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