Crew Quarters

Publisher: DramaScape Crew Quarters DramaScape SciFi Volume 36 This product is a full-color, 40 inch by 20 inch, floor plan of a SciFi Crew Quarters, with Hex, Square and No overlay. The Zip File includes the VTT (Virtual Table Top Images for online play). [Alarm klaxons sound] “We’ve been breached! The day we have feared is now upon us! The end is nigh!”—Panicked Survivor  Crew Quarters is an interior map of a hallway leading to a twenty-four person barrack and a mess hall or briefing/armory room. Crew Quarters is intended for use in near-future science fiction or post-apocalyptic games. Our SciFi Marine Quarters is more appropriate for far-future games.  Adventure hook for use with this map:  A Traitor in the Shelter: After a radioactive event, civilians took shelter with military soldiers before sealing the bunker. Food and water are running low in the shelter. Constant attacks by radioactive zombies and mutants challenge the steel barricades. Morale is suffering.  One day a desperate civilian opens the gate from within to try and escape but is almost immediately found and eaten by the radioactive monsters above. The radioactive creatures enter the bunker and attempt to consume the post-apocalyptic survivors. The civilians panic but the [...] [READ MORE]

Alphadraft is new black?

Founded in 2014, AlphaDraft – which has been called “Gaming’s DraftKings” – is the premier online platform that seamlessly blends the highly popular worlds of eSports, live streaming and fantasy sports, with daily and [READ MORE]


Publisher: Postmortem Studios An expansion booklet and specialist character sheet for the Golem character type. This booklet contains information on how Golem candidates are chosen, the process by which they become Golems and expands on their [READ MORE]

Revelations of Mars

Publisher: Exile Game Studio A dying world plagued by ceaseless conflict smolders in the night sky, home to the revelations of Mars. This sourcebook expands Hollow Earth Expedition to include Mars, a dyingand dangerous planet filled with strange [READ MORE]

Jolrhos Bestiary Character Files

Publisher: Kestrel Arts Monsters and mayhem await you in this Character Pack for Fantasy Hero.  This download contains all monsters in The Jolrhos Bestiary in Hero Designer (HDC) format.  From Accursed to Zhai, you’ll find them [READ MORE]
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