Making Money from Indie Games – Two Perspectives from Indie Devs

Today we have something both for gamers and devs. First, quite straightforward opinion from Puppy Games  (Revenge of The Titans) blog on Gamers. To make long story short: why players are worthless. Yeap, you heard. Read this and feel free to comment. Because You’re Worthless: The Dark Side Of Indie PR   Second, very insightful article on making money from indie video games. Not so new, because from mid-April 2013, but – again – very straightforward, sincere and full of numbers. We love numbers. Big thanks for Hitbox team (Dust Force) for sharing their experience.     Powered by WPeMatico [READ MORE]

The Hamlet

Publisher: DramaScape The Hamlet DramaScape Modern Volume 36 This is a 40 x 40 inch Battlemap of a Small Hamlet, it has Hex, Square and No Overlays, it also includes the VTT files for online play, and a 360 view of the Hamlet. “It is [READ MORE]
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