Your gaming session is about to start in two hours and You have no idea what adventure to run?

Ancient Scroll was created for Game Masters and Players who find themselves in similar situation.

Ancient Scroll provides ideas for RPG adventures: use them, alter them and… enjoy Your game!.

How it works?

Ancient Scroll is a website with free RPG adventure ideas, almost ready to use. Just add a little bit imaginationand play.


– adventure ideas and hooks should be original, but may use common themes (from movies, fairy tales etc.)

– if You want to send us a campaign idea, please divide it into separate adventure

– for submissions use an email: robert[dot]oglodzinski[at]gmail[dotcom


And we pay. Sometimes 🙂 If we like Your idea very much, and submission is in English – we can discuss about payment

Ancient Scroll Online banner by Ryan Northcott

Here You can buy our e-books

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