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After a character drinks moonpowder mixed with wine all is well – until the full moon, when she turns into an adorable little kit fox. Although she accidentally bites someone on the finger while in fox form (luckily not passing on the lycanthropy, though it will take a month before that is clear), no one seems very bothered by it. Unlike the full turn-out-the-neighborhood-with-torches-and-pitchforks reactions that werewolves elicit, everyone in the local village seems to think that having a werefox in their midst is just incredibly cute. This works well with a character who really wants everyone to take her seriously, although a player who can just roll with it works well, too. (moonpowder – small bag of powder that when mixed with wine and drunk permanently gives a person +2 intelligence, but makes him or her a werefox) *** A black leather collar studded with iron spikes that raises INT +3 while worn is the only really powerful intelligence raising magic available in the city of Fort Gray. It has a bit of an unsavory history, though: The previous owner was an apprentice wizard who snapped and killed his master, then was executed himself. And looking at the collar, [...] [READ MORE]

Cyrk wampirów

Opis sytuacji: W mieście pojawiają się plakaty mówiące o tym, że ma wystąpić „Cyrk Wampirów”. Szybkie rozeznanie daje proste wytłumaczenie: akrobaci przebrani za wampiry wykonują niesamowite pokazy, wszystko to ubrane w gotycką [READ MORE]

Ennie Awards 2012

Some of You may noticed, that Ancient Scroll is among websites submitted to 2012 Ennie Awards. Some of may say: the guy is crazy! (In fact, I am a little bit 😉 ) Some people may ask: why? Well… Many times I said and will repeat: Ancient [READ MORE]