Lost in the Marshland

This castle witnessed a grim history of wars and battles. One of those events became a seed of a scary legend of the boy from the marshlands. So, there was a war. Enemies surrounded the castle of one nobleman. He was a brave warrior, but didn’t have enough soldiers to defend the fortress for too long. The only hope for the besieged people was to call for help from the neighboring castle of the prince. But the only way to the prince which wasn’t guarded by enemy soldiers was through gloomy and dangerous marshlands. The nobleman decided that he would send his only son, a 14-year-old boy. Why? We do not know. Maybe he needed all other people to defend the walls? He gave his son his ruby ring. “Show it to the prince so he will know that you are telling the truth and you are my messenger” he told the boy. “Run as fast as you can, my son.” The brave young boy never arrived in the prince’s castle. Nobody knows what happened in the treacherous marshland. But the fortress prevailed. Some say that enemies got terrified by strange voices and lights coming out of the marshlands. A few days later soldiers left the battlefield. There was a great [...] [READ MORE]

Black Dog of the Plague

This is a story of a long forgotten siege. The enemy wanted to seize the fortress, but the courage of the defenders was a complete surprise. More and more troops arrived, but with every wave of attackers, the defenders got more desperate [READ MORE]

Spoiled Romance

Long time ago there was this castle under the rule of a young nobleman. He had one problem: lack of money. That’s why he agreed to marry an ugly elderly woman who was supposed to be very rich. There was a wedding and the first night (quite [READ MORE]

Living Rocks

It is said that this castle was built on the artificial rock. There was a brave warrior, very loyal to his king. But the king was afraid that a mighty and very popular knight could one day claim the throne one day. So he decided to [READ MORE]