Game Design Wickedly by John Wick – episode 1

W wyniku awarii serwisu część materiałów przepadła (niestety bezpowrotnie). Część jednak udało się uratować. Udało się to m.in. z cyklem Johna Wicka o projektowaniu urban fantasy RPG. Oto część 1. *** Hi there. I’m John. Pleased to meet you. You may have heard of me before. I’ve written a few games in my past. Games you may have heard of. Games like Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea,Houses of the Blooded. Last year, I wrote and released one game a month, collecting them all into a thing called The Big Book of Little Games. It was a busy year. This year is going to be just as busy. See, I was asked to write a design blog for a new game I’ve been working on with Jessica Kauspedas. Jessica is someone I met here in Phoenix, Arizona (yes, it really is 120 degrees in the shade; no joke). She’s been helping me with layout and graphic design, but she’s also been paying close attention to all the designs I’ve been writing, and she got an itch for some design herself. Jessica is a fan of urban fantasy and when she approached me about designing a game of modern magic [...] [READ MORE]