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After a character drinks moonpowder mixed with wine all is well – until the full moon, when she turns into an adorable little kit fox. Although she accidentally bites someone on the finger while in fox form (luckily not passing on the lycanthropy, though it will take a month before that is clear), no one seems very bothered by it. Unlike the full turn-out-the-neighborhood-with-torches-and-pitchforks reactions that werewolves elicit, everyone in the local village seems to think that having a werefox in their midst is just incredibly cute. This works well with a character who really wants everyone to take her seriously, although a player who can just roll with it works well, too. (moonpowder – small bag of powder that when mixed with wine and drunk permanently gives a person +2 intelligence, but makes him or her a werefox) *** A black leather collar studded with iron spikes that raises INT +3 while worn is the only really powerful intelligence raising magic available in the city of Fort Gray. It has a bit of an unsavory history, though: The previous owner was an apprentice wizard who snapped and killed his master, then was executed himself. And looking at the collar, [...] [READ MORE]

Maps, Mystery, and A Promise

When you first see the map in a fantasy RPG session, don’t you feel the call of adventure immediately? Precisely drawn on yellowed paper soaked in tea or burned at the edges, a map can bring the charm of the old days… hinting at the heroes who [READ MORE]

You Are Under Arrest!

How many times have you, as a player or GM, had characters face the long arm of the law? Usually this isn’t a happy meeting, since most characters have (at one time or another) broken the law at some point. Yes, you might say “My group’s [READ MORE]

Out of the Chimney

Many years ago, in the same place where the new castle is standing now, there was an old fortress. The ruler of the fortress was a dirty, lustful baron. He was a mean guy. There was no single girl in the castle and nearby villages whom [READ MORE]

War Is A Dirty Thing

Image via Wikipedia As you’ve probably noticed, I like to talk about difficult subjects for roleplaying games. Thanks to Brian, I’ve had a chance to share my views on three topics so far – retiring adventurers, interrogation methods, and [READ MORE]

Lost in the Marshland

This castle witnessed a grim history of wars and battles. One of those events became a seed of a scary legend of the boy from the marshlands. So, there was a war. Enemies surrounded the castle of one nobleman. He was a brave warrior, but [READ MORE]
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