Someone’s Gonna Die Tonight

Today I would like to share some of my thoughts about killing in role-playing games. It’s a significant part of nearly every campaign and adventure of course… PCs are usually forced to resolve some problems with a blade (or well-placed fireball) because most villains show no mercy. Some sort of killing blow is likely in the menu of most adventures. But this really isn’t the issue I want to discuss. Instead I want to focus on a more complex problem… the killing of one PC by another. In MMORPGs this is known as Player-vs-Player or PvP. The first question becomes… Should PvP be allowed in Pen-and-Paper RPGs? In some MMORPGs you can change the server mode to turn PvP on or off. Should we offer the same option in tabletop RPGs? My vote is “Yes” – it should be allowed. Or, to be more specific for your campaign, players should know that you, as GM, allow one PC to kill another. This “theoretical” permission doesn’t mean that it will happen, just that it is possible. Why? To keep the game more realistic. How do you do this? And how do you keep all the PCs alive to the end of an adventure? I’ll tell you in a minute. [...] [READ MORE]

Darmowe RPG cz. 1

O niezmierzone i niezbadane są otchłanie internetu…   W sieci roi się od darmowych przygód, kampanii, dodatków i systemów RPG. Oczywiście pod tym względem przoduje anglojęzyczna część internetu. Dla większości fanów gier [READ MORE]
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