Grywalizacja – jak to ugryźć

Po bardzo ciekawym kursie The Future Of Storytelling (wciąż można w nim wziąć udział i dostać “certyfikat” ukończenia) na iversity szykuje się kolejny – potencjalnie – bardzo interesujący.  Tym razem będzie to Gamification Design (start już 17 marca). Polecam! Games have become the new normal. The gaming industry is already more powerful than other ways of entertainment like music or movies. An average young person will spend more than 10,000 hours gaming by the age of 21 – somewhat the time that it takes us to master any kind of skill- and yet, there’s a huge engagement crisis in many other areas. 70% of US full-time employees are not motivated by what they are doing, kids spend way more time engaged with video games than they do with books, the average attention span in 2012 was less than 10 seconds and it’s decreasing every year… It seems like only games are truly understanding how human motivation really works. But how is that possible? Why are we glued to games? Can we design that kind of gameful experiences in non-game contexts to make them more engaging? And the most important question: How to do so? [READ MORE]

By Fate Enslaved by Robin D. Laws

StoryCraft is a new section of Ancient Scroll website where we will publish adventure ideas written exclusively for us by famous RPG authors. Robin D. Laws agreed to be the first host of this section. Look for new adventures in StoryCraft every two [READ MORE]

Przez los zniewoleni – Robin D. Laws

Gatunek: mroczne historyczne fantasy Wprowadzenie: W czasach imperium bizantyjskiego prawo zezwalało, by rozbitków znalezionych na brzegu brać w niewolę i zmieniać ich w niewolników. Gdyby tym samym ludziom udało się dotrzeć, nawet na [READ MORE]