Living Rocks

It is said that this castle was built on the artificial rock. There was a brave warrior, very loyal to his king. But the king was afraid that a mighty and very popular knight could one day claim the throne one day. So he decided to ”reward” his warrior with a big land in the north of the kingdom. The warrior departed to the north but there was nothing – only rocks. It was a dangerous area, populated with giants called Stolems. They saw the knight and captured him. %u201EWe will kill you, unless you defeat the Stolem King in combat” they said. The knight was not only strong, but also very cunning. He agreed to duel but he said: ”If I win, you will fulfill my wish.” The Stolems were sure that their king would be victorious, so they accepted those terms. But they underestimated the might of the warrior who defeated their king. They were fourious and wanted to kill the human anyway. But their king said that the Stolems were not only strong, but also very honourable. He asked what the knight’s request was. ”Bring all the rocks from the area and build me a great fortress on the nearby hill” he said. Three weeks later, an amazing castle [...] [READ MORE]
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