Ennie Awards 2012

Some of You may noticed, that Ancient Scroll is among websites submitted to 2012 Ennie Awards. Some of may say: the guy is crazy! (In fact, I am a little bit 馃槈 ) Some people may ask: why? Well… Many times I said and will repeat: Ancient Scroll webiste was born because of love. Love for RPG. RPG industry is dominated by English publishers, websites, blogs, podcasts etc. And this is OK. Really, guys, it is OK. Even for me RPGs were a motivation to learn English when I was teen. English language opens door to RPG: whether You are a GM, Player, Blogger or Publisher. But it is extremly important to remember that there are other players around the globe, for whom English is not a native langauge. Please, never forget that RPG is played all around the world. RPGs were created by English speaking people, but incarante an ancient tradition of storytelling. Storytellers can be found in every culture: from East to West, from North to South. We are humble heirs of those people who were telling stories before even writing was invented.聽 Please, if You are reading this post, close Your eyes for a minute. Let Your [...] [READ MORE]

Women in RPG

Jedn膮 z trudniejszych kwestii, moim zdaniem, kt贸ra wci膮偶 聽jest dyskutowana – to rola kobiet w RPG. Chodzi g艂贸wnie o rol臋 kobiet-graczy. Dlaczego? Bo w przypadku NPC贸w sytuacja jest do艣膰 prosta. Wi臋kszo艣膰 mistrz贸w gry tworzy [READ MORE]

RPG fan…

Life of RPG fan does not have to be serious all the time. Sometimes it is good to have a break from killing greenskins 馃槈     Related articles Huge gaming goodness, little tiny price – an update on the Wayne Foundation charity RPG [READ MORE]

On Sacrifice

Today I want to share some of my thoughts about sacrifice. I have been working on an聽indie RPG set in World War II France about the resistance. And a significant part of the game involves sacrifice. Today however I won鈥檛 discuss that in [READ MORE]

Koncepcja projektu TROM

Og贸lnie… TROM jest gr膮 fabularn膮 osadzon膮 w konwencji science fiction. Gra jest jeszcze w fazie tworzenia i potrzebne s膮 du偶e nak艂ady pracy, poprawki oraz rozpisanie cz臋艣ci fabularnej. Projektem zajmujemy si臋 ju偶 dwa lata, jednak [READ MORE]
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