Winners of 1PDC 2012!

Over 100 works sent this year for One Page Dungeon Contest meant a lot of work for judges. And, as Alex Sschroeder told us, it was most vivid discussion about who should win in the 1PDC history. Subimtted works are amazing. So choosing a winner was a tough job. Anyway – here they are. Go check them!

And, one more thing, I would like to thank all the fellow judges for a great job! 

Enough talking! Check the winners. More info about 1PDC 2102 – HERE

Winning Entry Category
Aaron Frost & Mundi King – Meckwick’s Pair O’Dice Best Dungeon Generator
Aaron Kavli – The Return of the Hecate Rose Best Science Fiction
Alan Brodie – Splashdown in Fiend’s Fen Best Science Fantasy
Dale Horstman – The Monastery at Dor Amon Best Library
David Gay – Water Genie vs. Undead Mermaid Gladiator Best Gonzo
Eran Aviram and Aviv Or – One Last Tribute Best Tomb
Fco. Javier Barrera – The River of Stars Best Ruin
Gene Sollows – Holy Sword Most Fun
Greengoat – Devil Gut Rock Best Theme
Jason “Flynn” Kemp – Sell-Swords of Mars Best Wilderness
Jason Shaffer – The First Casualty Best 1st Level Dungeon
Jeff Shepherd – Four Brothers Best Riddles
Jerry LeNeave – A King With No Crown Best Temple
Kelvin Green – A Rough Night at the Dog & Bastard Best Relationship Map
L. S. F. – Fungal Infection Best Fungoid
Leslie Furlong – The Faerie Market Best Situation
Lester Ward – Seven Spindles and a McGuffin Best Modifiable Map
Luka Rejec – Deep in the Purple Worm Best Integration of Art and Story
PJ Cunningham – Operation Eagle Eye Best Espionage
Ramsey Hong – The Cave of Kull Cove Best Cave
Roger Carbol – The Tomb of Oddli Stone-Squarer Best Multiple Factions
Roger SG Sorolla – Old Bastard’s Barrens Best New Presentation
The Seven-Sided Die – The Tomb of Nesta the Mischievous Most Bountiful
Will Doyle – Tomb of Snowbite Pass Best Eye Beams

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